About Me

Developer by Passion

I am a developer by passion, loving the whole JVM ecosystem and even being open to PHP. After you are finished booing loudly, take a look at my ramblings on the blog site. If reading random texts of different topics is not your cup o‘ tea, i also have a lot (and i mean a looot) of actual projects.

While studying computer science, I started to focuse a lot on architecture, small (micro) and big (macro). So, something you will see a lot on this side will be ramblings about architectural topics. A lot. Even though this is the case, I still try to focus on architecture that is easy to use and to read. Nothing is more enraging than an architecture that is just build „because“.

I don’t know everything. In fact, i am younger than 30 and still have to learn a lot. But maybe you can take something from me